I realize that many country artists - old and new - have affected every single one of our lives in so many different ways. So I created this blog for you to confess what the artists (of this wonderful genre that we call country music) have done in your life, your thoughts on their lives, and their music and lyrics.
Anon or not, you will not be judged on whatever you confess. This is a safe place for you to share your thoughts and feelings about country music! (:

Please keep your confessions clean and don't be mean and disrespectful.

ACM Awards 2013

So did you guys watch the ACMs?

What did you think of the performances? Favorite? Least favorite?

And for the winners, did your favorites win?

You can submit your thoughts as a confession! (:

Anonymous asked: “have you ever snuck in any of your own confessions on here?”


Lol yes I have :)